Edición de diciembre de la revista Traffic Technology Online

Acaba de publicarse la edición de diciembre de la revista Traffic Technology Online, uno de los medios de referencia del sector, que además se puede consultar por completo de manera online en el siguiente enlace.

A continuación mostramos los titulares del mes:

    • Vehicle-to-pedestrian future
      • The safety benefits of connected vehicle technology have long been discussed, but can they ever fully be realized unless we bring vulnerable road users into this ecosystem? David Smith weighs up the pros and cons
    • Mobility in the spotlight
      • CES in Las Vegas is set for a record number of exhibitors in its transportation category, meanwhile two well-established industry gatherings – TRB’s Annual Meeting and Gulf Traffic – are preparing for the resumption of their in-person events. It’s a packed calendar
  • NEWS
    • Where next for HOV lanes?
      • A full summary of the proceedings of the recent Toll Insight 2021 HOV Technology Conference
    • Tolling with apps
      • Tennessee DOT is harnessing the power of AI to reroute traffic in a smarter way. Anthony James finds out more
    • Connected thinking
      • From solar power to smart road studs The Ray testbed in Georgia is driving mobility innovation forward
    • Connecting the DOTs – by Kirk Steudle
      • Security must be designed in to technology deployments not added as an afterthought
    • Driving revenue – by JJ Eden
      • New data systems are almost useless without the standards to make them interoperable
    • The Mode Warrior – Greg Winfree
      • We must harness big data to smooth cross-border freight, or we will pay the price
    • Human factors – by Professor Nick Reed
      • When, if ever, should AVs be allowed to break the law?
    • Shortcuts
      • Where to find the latest reports on the road weather systems that are improving safety